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    MSR-Inria Joint Centre
    Bat. Alan Turing
    1 rue Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves
    Campus de l'École Polytechnique
    91128 Palaiseau, FRANCE
    +33(0)1 69 35 69 75


Publications in 2013:

* Self-Organizing Flows in Social Networks ( Nidhi Hegde, Laurent Massoulié, Laurent Viennot, 20th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO) 2013; longer version available here).

* Stable and Scalable Universal Swarms ( Ji Zhu, Stratis Ioannidis, Nidhi Hegde, Laurent Massoulié, ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC) 2013).

* Optimal Content Placement for Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand Systems (Bo Tan, Laurent Massoulié, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN) 2013).

* How to Optimally Allocate Your Budget of Attention in Social Networks ( Bo Jiang, Nidhi Hegde, Laurent Massoulié, Don Towsley, IEEE Infocom 2013).

* Convergence of multivariate belief propagation, with applications to cuckoo hashing and load balancing ( Mathieu Leconte, Marc Lelarge, Laurent Massoulié, SODA 2013).

Publications in 2012:

* Community Detection in the Labelled Stochastic Block Model ( Simon Heimlicher, Marc Lelarge, Laurent Massoulié, NIPS Workshop on Algorithmic and Statistical Approaches for Large Social Networks, 2012).

* Orchestrating massively distributed CDNs ( Joe Wenjie Jiang, Stratis Ioannidis, Laurent Massoulié and Fabio Picconi, ACM Conference on Emerging Network Experiments and Technologies (CoNEXT), 2012).

* The price of privacy in untrusted recommendation engines (Siddhartha Banerjee, Nidhi Hegde and Laurent Massoulié, presented at the Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Urbana, IL, October 2012).

* Comparison-Based Learning with Rank Nets ( Amin Karbasi, Stratis Ioannidis and Laurent Massoulié, International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2012).

* Bipartite Graph Structures for Efficient Balancing of Heterogeneous Loads (Mathieu Leconte, Marc Lelarge and Laurent Massoulié, in Proceedings of ACM Sigmetrics 2012).

* Distributed Caching over Heterogeneous Mobile Networks (Stratis Ioannidis, Laurent Massoulié and Augustin Chaintreau, Queueing Systems, 2012).

* Hot or Not: Interactive Content Search Using Comparisons (Amin Karbasi, Stratis Ioannidis and Laurent Massouli&eactute;, Information Theory and Applications Workshop (ITA), 2012).

Publications in 2011:

* Content Search through Comparisons (Amin Karbasi, Stratis Ioannidis, Laurent Massoulié, ICALP (2) 2011: 601-612).

* Inferring traffic shaping and policy parameters using end host measurements (Udi Weinsberg, Augustin Soule and Laurent Massoulié, in Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM 2011 Mini-conference).

* Optimal content placement for peer-to-peer video-on-demand systems (Bo Tan and Laurent Massoulié, in Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM 2011).

* On the stability and optimality of universal swarms (Xia Zhou, Stratis Ioannidis and Laurent Massoulié, in proceedings of ACM SIGMETRICS 2011).

* Path selection and multipath congestion control (Peter B. Key, Laurent Massoulié, and Don Towsley, in Communications of the ACM, 2011).

Publications in 2010:

* "HDR" (Habilitation a Diriger des Recherches) thesis "Information flows through networks: models and algorithms". Slides available here.

* Distributed Caching over Heterogeneous Mobile Networks (Stratis Ioannidis, Laurent Massoulié, and Augustin Chaintreau. in Proceedings of ACM SIGMETRICS 2010).

* Incentivizing Peer-Assisted Services: A Fluid Shapley Value Approach (Vishal Misra, Augustin Chaintreau, Stratis Ioannidis and Laurent Massoulié, in Proceedings of ACM SIGMETRICS 2010).

* The Role of Feedback in the Choice between Routing and Coding for Wireless Unicast (with R. Gummadi and R. Sreenivas, in proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Network Coding (NetCod) 2010).

* Epidemics and Rumours in Complex Networks (book co-authored with Moez Draief, in the London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series of Cambridge University Press).

* Flow Control for Cost-Efficient Peer-to-Peer Streaming (with D.-C. Tomozei, in proceedings of IEEE Infocom 2010).

* Surfing the Blogosphere: Optimal Personalized Strategies for Searching the Web (with S. Ioannidis, in proceedings of IEEE Infocom 2010).

* Reciprocity in Peer-to-Peer Systems (with D. Sadoc Menasche and D. Towsley, in proceedings of IEEE Infocom 2010).

Publications in 2009:

* Greening the Internet with Nano Data Centers (with V. Valancius, N. Laoutaris, C. Diot and P. Rodriguez, in proceedings of ACM Conext 2009).

* Optimal and Scalable Distribution of Content Updates over a Mobile Social Network (with S. Ioannidis and A. Chaintreau, in proceedings of IEEE Infocom 2009).

* ISP-friend or foe? Making P2P live streaming ISP-aware (with F. Picconi, in proceedings of IEEE ICDCS 2009, download longer version).

* Resource pooling in congested networks: proportional fairness and product form (with F. Kelly and N. Walton, Queueing Systems 63 (104): 165-194).

Talks and publications in 2008:

* Seminar at the College de France on Peer-to-Peer systems

* Non-metric coordinates for predicting network proximity (with D. Tomozei and P. Key, in proceedings of IEEE Infocom miniconference, 2008).

* Is there a future for mesh-based live video streaming? (with F. Picconi, in proceedings of IEEE P2P conference, 2008).

* Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming: Optimality Results and Open Problems (in proceedings of IEEE CISS conference, 2008).

* Rate-optimal schemes for Peer-to-Peer live streaming (with A. Twigg, in Journal of Performance Analysis, 2008).

* Control of communication networks: welfare maximization and multipath transfers (with P. Key, in Philosophical Transacions of the Royal Society S, 366(1872), 2008).

* Epidemic Live Streaming: Optimal Performance Trade-Offs (with T. Bonald, F. Mathieu, D. Perino and A. Twigg, in proceedings of ACM Sigmetrics conference, 2008).

* Thresholds for virus spread on networks (with M. Draief and A.J. Ganesh, in Annals of Applied Probability, 18(2), 359-378, 2008).

* Peer counting and sampling in overlay networks based on random walks (with E. Le Merrer, A.-M. Kermarrec and A.J. Ganesh, to appear in Journal of Distributed Computing).

* Coupon replication systems (with M. Vojnovic, in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 16(3), 603-616, 2008).

publications in 2007:

* Gossiping with Multiple Messages (with S. Sanghavi and B. hajek, in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 53 (12), 4640-4654, 2007).

* Push-to-Peer Video-on-Demand system: design and evaluation (with K. Suh, C. Diot, J. Kurose, C. Neumann, D. Towsley and M. Varvello, in IEEE JSAC special issue on Peer-to-Peer and Multimedia, December 2007 . See also Technical Report).

* Structural properties of proportional fairness: stability and insensitivity (in Annals of Applied Probability, 17(3), 809-839, 2007).

* Diameter of Opportunistic Mobile Networks (with A. Mtibaa, A. Chaintreau and C. Diot, in ACM CoNEXT Conference, December 07).

* Multipath routing, congestion control, and dynamic load balancing (with P. Key and D. Towsley, to appear in IEEE ICASSP 07).

* Randomized decentralised broadcasting algorithms (with A. Twigg, Christos Gkantsidis and P. Rodriguez, to appear in IEEE INFOCOM 07).

* Gossiping with Multiple Messages (with S. Sanghavi and B. Hajek, to appear in IEEE INFOCOM 07).

* Path selection and multipath congestion control (with P. Key and D. Towsley, to appear in IEEE INFOCOM 07).

* Scalable Local Area Service Discovery (with R. Black and H. Sverrison, to appear in IEEE ICC 07).

Network Epidemics:

* Efficient quarantining of scanning worms: optimal detection and coordination (with A. Ganesh, D. Gunawardena, P. Key and J. Scott, IEEE INFOCOM 2006).

* The effect of Network Topology on the Spread of Epidemics (with A. Ganesh and D. Towsley, IEEE INFOCOM 2005).

* Coupon Replication Systems (with M. Vojnovic. MSR-TR-2004-112. also appeared in ACM Sigmetrics 2005).

Peer-to-peer systems and overlay networks:

* Peer Counting and Sampling in Overlay Networks: Random Walk Methods (with E. Le Merrer, A.-M. Kermarrec and A. Ganesh, ACM PODC conference, 2006).

* Peer-to-peer size estimation in large and dynamic networks: a comparative study (with E. Le Merrer and A.-M. Kermarrec, IEEE HPDC conference, 2006).

* Peer Sharing Behaviour in the eDonkey Network, and Implications for the Design of Server-less File Sharing Systems (with S.B. Handurukande, A.-M. Kermarrec, F. Le Fessant and S. Patarin, Eurosys 2006 conference).

* Exploiting Semantic Clustering in the eDonkey P2P Network (with S. Handurukande, A.-M. Kermarrec and F. Le Fessant, 11th ACM SIGOPS European Workshop, 2004).

* Clustering in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Workloads (with F. Le Fessant, S. Handurukande and A.-M. Kermarrec, 3rd International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS), San Diego, 2004).

* Exploiting semantic proximity in peer-to-peer content searching (with S. Voulgaris, A.-M. Kermarrec and M. van Steen, 10th IEEE International Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems (FTDCS), Suzhou, 2004).

* Network Awareness and Failure Resilience in Self-Organising Overlay Networks (with A.-J. Ganesh and A.-M. Kermarrec, IEEE Symposium on Reliable and Distributed Systems, Florence, 2003).

* From Epidemics to Distributed Computing (with P.-T. Eugster, R. Guerraoui and A.-M. Kermarrec, to appear in IEEE Computers Magazine).

* Failure resilience in balanced overlay networks (with A.-J. Ganesh, 41st Allerton conference on communication, control and computing, 2003).

* Probabilistic Reliable Dissemination in Large-Scale Systems (with A.J. Ganesh and A.-M. Kermarrec, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 14(3) March 2003).

* Peer-to-peer membership management for gossip-based protocols (with A.J. Ganesh and A.-M. Kermarrec, IEEE Transactions on Computers, 52(2), February 2003).

* HiSCAMP: self-organising hierarchical membership protocol (with A.J. Ganesh and A.-M. Kermarrec, Proceedings of the 10th European ACM SIGOPS workshop, Saint-Emilion September 2002).

* SCAMP: Peer-to-peer lightweight membership service for large-scale group communication (with A.J. Ganesh and A.-M. Kermarrec, Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Networked Group Communication, London November 2001).

Network bandwidth sharing: impact on application performance:

* Integrating Streaming and File-transfer Internet Traffic: Fluid and Diffusion Approximations (with Sunil Kumar, to appear in Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications).

* Fluid models of integrated traffic and multipath routing (with P. Key, to appear in Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications, special issue on Queueing models for fair resource sharing).

* A queueing analysis of max-min fairness, proportional fairness and balanced fairness (with T. Bonald, A. Prouti�re and J. Virtamo, to appear in Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications, special issue on Queueing models for fair resource sharing).

* Fair Internet traffic integration: network flow models and analysis (with P. Key, A. Bain and F. Kelly, to appear in Annals of Telecommunications, special issue on teletraffic).

* A network flow model for mixtures of file transfers and streaming traffic (with Peter Key, Alan Bain and Frank Kelly, Microsoft Research Technical Report 2003-37; final version to appear in ITC 18, Berlin 2003. also in PDF).

* Best effort networks: modeling and performance analysis via large network asymptotics (with Guy Fayolle, Arnaud de la Fortelle, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes and Jim Roberts, IEEE Infocom 2001).

* Impact of fairness on Internet performance (with Thomas Bonald, ACM Sigmetrics 2001).

* User policies in a network implementing congestion pricing (with Peter Key, ISQE Workshop 1999).

* Arguments in favour of admission control for TCP flows (with Jim Roberts, ITC 16, Edinburgh 1999).

* Bandwidth sharing and admission control for elastic traffic (with Jim Roberts, ITC specialists seminar, Yokohama 1998).

Network bandwidth sharing: algorithmic aspects (congestion / admission control):

* Farsighted Users Harness Network Time-Diversity (with P. Key and M. Vojnovic, IEEE INFOCOM 2005).

* Emulating Low-priority Transport at the Application Layer: A Background Transfer Service (with P. Key and B. Wang, ACM Sigmetrics-Performance, New York, 2004).

* Network characteristics: modelling, measurements and admission control (with Dinan Gunawardena and Peter Key, International Workshop on Quality of Service IWQoS 2003).

* Probing strategies for distributed admission control in large and small scale systems (with Peter Key, IEEE Infocom, San Francisco 2003).

* Service-Differentiation for Delay-Sensitive Applications: An Optimisation-Based Approach (with Peter Key and Jonathan Shapiro, Proceedings of IFIP Performance 2002 conference, Rome September 2002; see also short version).

* Stability of distributed congestion control with heterogeneous feedback delays (Microsoft Research Technical Report 2000-11, final version: IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol. 47, No. 6, pp. 895-902, June 2002).

* Feedback and bandwidth sharing in networks (with Peter Key and A. J. Ganesh, Proceedings of the 39th Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, October 2001).

* End-User Policies for Predicting Congestion Patterns in Data Networks (with Peter Key and Koenraad Laevens, ITC specialists seminar, Monterey 2000).

* User policies in a network implementing congestion pricing (with Peter Key, ISQE Workshop 1999).

* Bandwidth sharing: objectives and algorithms (with Jim Roberts, IEEE Infocom 1999 and IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 320-328, June 2002).

Asymptotics for performance analysis of queueing systems:

* Large deviations estimates for polling and weighted fair queueing service systems (Advances in Performance Analysis, 1999).

* Large buffer asymptotics for the queue with FBM input (with Alain Simonian, Journal of Applied Probability 1999).

* Large Deviations Ordering of Point Processes in some Queueing Networks (Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications, Vol. 28, No. 4, pp. 317-335, 1998).

Point processes models and analysis:

* Power spectra of general shot noises and Hawkes point processes with a random excitation (with Pierre Br�maud, Advances in Applied Probability, Vol. 34, pp. 1-18, 2002).

* Hawkes branching point processes without ancestors (with Pierre Br�maud, Journal of Applied Probability 2001).

* Stability results for a general class of interacting point processes dynamics, and applications (Stochastic processes and their applications, Vol. 74, pp. 1-30, 1998).

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