Michaël Thomazo

Inria Researcher - CEDAR Team

I am broadly interested in knowledge representation, especially through graph-based formalisms. More specifically, I work on theoretical and practical issues regarding the querying ("Which animals are on the sofa?") of data ("Garfield is a cat". "Garfield is on the sofa.") in presence of domain knowledge ("Every cat is an animal"). I joined in December 2015 the Inria team CEDAR.

Before that, I got a Ph.D from the University of Montpellier, supervised by J.-F. Baget and M.-L. Mugnier in the Inria team GraphIK. I also have been a post-doc at TU Dresden, working with S. Rudolph and partially funded through an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship.

I have been a PC member of IJCAI'15,16, PRIMA '15,16, ICCS'14,16, RuleML'15, ECAI'14, RR'14 GKR@IJCAI'13, and reviewer for numerous other conferences or journals.

My list of publications is available on DBLP. Publications from 2016 will be available on HAL.

Among others, I am currently working on ontology-based query answering, and especially efficient evaluation of reformulated queries (part of this work has been done in the scope of the PAGODA project). I am also interested in applying such techniques to data journalism, as part of my involvment to the ANR funded project ContentCheck