Scientific, hum, responsibilities?

I've been an external reviewer for the following conferences:

and for the following journal:

Long talks

Crypto Fun

I am the proud designeer of the Coffee block cipher family, which was presented at the prestigious ASIACRYPT 2014 conference [Slides].

My attempt at proposing a hash function standard, done during CRYPTO 2015 [Slides].

I (jointly) solved the ECDLP at Mont Saint-Michel while at CHES 2015 [Slides].

My proposal for a new IACR flag, presented at ASIACRYPT 2015 [Slides] [Black and white flag, Coloured flag] (Invited to the JoC).

Crypto Serious

Ever had trouble drawing TikZ pictures for a crypto paper? Then check Jérémy's Tikz for Cryptographers webpage!

Not so easy to find: FIPS 180 (May 1993), the original Secure Hash Standard (courtesy of John Kelsey).


You can check my GitHub webpage for programs I wrote.

Integer sequences

I once contributed two simple sequences to the OEIS: A128546 and A133376.


A list of some books I like.

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