Demian Wassermann

Mathematical Models of Anatomy / Neuroanatomy / Diffusion MRI

Large Small Brain Nets (2019-2021)

Large Small Brain Nets is a bi-lateral project focused on "Characterizing Large and Small-scale Brain Networks in Typical and Atypical Populations Using Novel Computational Methods for dMRI and fMRI-based Connectivity and Microstructure"

Please find more detailed information in this project's grant Large Small Brain Nets

Principal Investigators


The major goal of this project is to develop and validate sophisticated computational tools for identifying functional nodes at the whole-brain level and measuring structural and functional connectivity between them, as well as their relationship with tissue microstructure. For this, we will be using state-of-the-art human brain MR imaging techniques and open-source datasets such as Human Connectome Project data. Our proposed methods will reveal in unprecedented detail the structural and functional connectivity of the human brain. Furthermore, our innovative computational approach to brain connectomics will help create the building blocks for shaping the next generation of research on brain function and psychopathology.