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I am a Senior researcher at Inria and Ecole Polytechnique (member of the Laboratory of Solid Mechanics, and adjunct professor in the department of Applied Mathematics), Inria team-leader of MΞDISIM (Mathematical and Mechanical Modeling with Data Interaction for Simulation in Medicine)

My main research concerns inverse problems, in particular identification problems or data assimilation problems in general for partial differential equation models, in which I seeking from designing and analyzing original methods. More precisely in the field of data assimilation approaches, my main investigation concerns observer-based methods from an optimal control point of view or from a stabilization point of view. I am also very concerned by the efficiency of the proposed methods so that they can be used in real application in particular in the cardiovascular system context.

As my ambition is also to go up to the application, an important part of my researched is also devoted to modeling and the numerical aspects (computational methods and numerical analysis) of biomechanical systems such as the ones encountered in cardiac mecahnics (non-linear mechanics, active soft tissue, fluid-structure interaction, poroelasticity, reaction-diffusion). My direction of research in modeling is to propose well-balanced formulations since they are a prerequisite for defining adequate stable observer when reconsidering them in the estimation process.

Research interests

Inverse problems and data assimilation

31 articles

PDE based Modeling and numerical analysis

21 articles

Applications with real data, in particular in cardiology

19 articles

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Senior Researcher at Inria — Secondment from Corps des Mines Head of Project-Team MΞDISIM (Mathematical and Mechanical Modeling with Data Interation in SImulation for Medicine )


Habilitation, Paris-Sud University, Mathematics Program —
Observers for data assimilation - Application in cardiac modeling

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Junior Researcher at Inria — Secondment from Corps des Mines
Member of Project-Team Macs led by Dominique Chapelle


Postdoctoral research associate, Cardiovascular Group, Stanford University, USA — research topic: Identification of wall mechanical characteristics in blood flows


Telecom Paristech (Prestigious French IT-specialized “Grande Ecole”)
Signal processing, Computer Sciences (Eng. Degree.)
“IT Public Administration” advanced education (Corps des Telecom)


Universtiy Paris VI - Pierre et Marie Curie, MSc degree. Research Internship, Kings College London, UK and Inria — Subject: Toward Model-based Estimation of the Heart Local Contractility from Medical Images — Advisors: D.L.G. Hill, D. Chapelle


Ecole Polytechnique (First ranked French “Grande Ecole” engineering school)
Majors: Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.
Research Internship in 2003, Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics Department, Columbia University, New York, USA — Subject: Radon Transform with Partial Measurements — Advisor: G. Bal. Applied Mathematics Prize from Ecole Polytechnique

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Summer schools

Here are 2 videos of my lectures at Cemracs 2018 - CIRM - Luminy Marseille.

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PhD & Post-doc offers

Here are some PhD or Post-Doc subjects proposal that could be selected for funding by Inria, by Ecole Polytechnique or by Hadamard Doctoral School of Mathematics (EDMH).

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Inverse problems
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Modeling and Numerical analysis
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Inverse problems and applications
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Inverse problems and applications

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Inria Saclay-Ile de France
Campus de l'Ecole Polytechnique — Batiment Alan Turing
1 rue Honore d'Estienne d'Orves. 91120 Palaiseau